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In this blog, I want to highlight the Lyrans, and allow everyone to gain a better insight to them. Our mission is to facilitate the process of awakening  Home Starseed mission. We all have a mission or missions, and they are unique to us. Starseeds are on a spiritual humanitarian mission to Earth: to […] The entire Pleiadian civilization mission previously landed on Tara ca 5000 BC. Spiritual  The Sirian starseed mission. Often Lyran starseeds are master at healing and are the ones who founded Lemurian civilization. Everyone on the planet has a purpose in serving for the greater whole. Project Starseed is a headcount on Awakened Starseeds who are claiming their intergalactic heritage as a means to increase Unity Consciousness and facilitate Earth’s integration in to the Galactic Community. potrai farlo tramite i' ipnosi regressiva alle vite Gridworker Mission. Yes, you do. Nov 25, 2019 · Our mission: Starseed Psychics is here to stand in the gap between those that are awakening, per the current spiritual awakening event that is taking place globally, and the modern world that is suppressing spiritual awakening. May 21, 2018 · The time of the 3D Earth experiment is now over. Apr 29, 2019 · I created a Starseed Power Activation video for you, to help you step up into your full potential as a Starseed. Better yet, who is a starseed? If you trace the origins of human lineage, you end up with a plethora of questions. Starseeds have specific roles and a humanitarian spiritual mission to help free the planetary soul from spiritual and energetic oppression enforced by the NAA  I Am Starseed: Initiating the Starseed Mission on Earth eBook: Healer, Xi Earthstar, Roa, Bastian: Amazon. -The Starseed Mission. Dec 25, 2018 · 16 Signs That You Could Be A Pleiadian Starseed: 1. Starseeds are programmed with a spiritual mission and higher purpose to aid in the activation of their brothers and sisters in collective advancement through moral, ethical and mental and spiritual guidance during the Expanding Consciousness evolution occurring at the Ascension Cycle . For other starseeds, their mission is to help raise the vibration of earth and of the human race so we can move out of a 3D earth and into a 4D earth. Starseeds entered this planetary consciousness body to experience reincarnation and activate their spiritual mission for a wide variety of reasons and interests. Note that there are many paths, this is simply one suggestion on your journey. Their mission is to help humans understand that earthly problems are immaterial and there are much more important lessons to learn about spirituality and attaining a higher level of consciousness. 3. During these great times of change they sense that they may somehow have a role to play, even if this just means, gathering information of some kind . Writing is my strongest ability. Today, we are talking about very special beings that came from the angelic realm, the Mission Realmers. For those who are not sure, this process will allow them to activate themselves. Starseed MEGA is a mission driven movement. The Starseed Mission : Reclaiming Christos Body The source code or unity intelligence field is a Krystal Star (Christos Consciousness) hub accessed through the merging of manifested bodies holding trinity wave formats that connect directly into the Eternal Source light (Godhead). However, while Starseeds are human by birth and DNA, their soul origins lie outside of the earth plane. They are  Starseeds are here with a big mission, to help shift the consciousness of the planet at this crucial time in history. It is a term used to describe human beings who believe they originated as extraterrest rial life from other worlds or planets, and arrived to Earth through birth or as a wal k-in to an existing human body. Humanity is changing. A Starseed is someone who can identify as being an Intergalactic, Galactic, Interstellar, Inter-dimensional Being currently embodied in human form. This information is about your mission: about the life that you were meant to live. When we forgive others we are forgiving ourself. com —-Below are the transcribed notes from a channeling conversation I had with my soul family from Andromeda. The Starseed’s natural impulse to heal others also leads them to waste much of their time outside their own consciousness, which distracts them from their own mission. In simple  discover, reconnect and activate your Starseed heritage. We would like to put out several messages to the lightworker collective, and that’s what they are, a collective. June 26, 2011 My new family became fellow awakened starseeds and lightworkers. Many starseeds will experience the 11:11 synchronicity as a type of 'wake up call' to their soul purpose and mission. The Lyrans are primarily a feline-humanoid race. In order to be invited to submit a full grant request, please submit a Letter of Inquiry to the Foundation using the form below. Learn what it means to be a Starseed, the Star Nations and their Mission on Earth at this time. 5. While you feel as though you have to partake in an important mission, you may remain lost or unclear regarding what your life’s mission actually is. The Starseed generally possesses a strong life-purpose and a deep underlying feeling of having a mission to fulfill on Earth. Your only hope is channeling the longing into creativity, fulfilling your mission, & raising hella vibes while you’re here. 6. Quick View. These starseeds have deep memories of how it is to belong to a close group consciousness and find the experience of the illusion of separation as offered by the human condition, a painful one. Oct 06, 2018 · Starseeds are usually on Earth to complete some kind of mission. People are attracted to them and acknowledge their authority. Nov 14, 2016 · Starseed homesickness is a meta-craving impossible to satisfy. Here I was shown much about why I incarnated on earth, where Wind is “from” (although he has also lived on earth for thousands of lifetimes), and our connection as twin flames, or The Starseed Academy for Alchemical Acsension. The point at which her world is unraveling, beliefs systems are showing cracks, the veils between ideas and concepts she was raised to believe are being pulled back. Aquarian The path of their Souls Mission and Purpose here on Earth,. You are remembering, starseed beings, all the wonder of your journey through of the Light and how you perform your mission is not the relevance key: what  5 Apr 2015 Greetings dear Starseeds of all Leagues and Nations currently embodied as human beings on planet Earth. Course Creations. First you awakened yourself. Some Starseeds are on a type of reconnaissance mission, here to pick up the pieces of earth’s hidden history and to unravel, correct and re-activate it, free from distortions and un-truths. You are a natural psychic in one way or another. Testimonials. She’s right in the middle of a spiritual awakening. Lightworker starseed. ** starseed discovery soul mission - connecting with your higher self ** brings in ideas and tools for your new direction! including star family of light insights INCLUDING STAR FAMILY OF LIGHT INSIGHTS Aug 26, 2018 · The paragraph above highlights another difference between an Indigo and a Starseed – the mission. The Sirians are a race of humanoids from Sirius, a binary star system located approximately 8. You see a Starseed is not likely to be able to wake people up into the seriousness of finding out who we are spiritually, and the daftness of our human behavior because a Starseed nurtures and teaches self-forgiveness and loving acceptance. Starseed Mission Because their task is the most difficult one to perform in a very dense dimension such as ours, starseeds were hand-picked from our galaxy and beyond. Protocol 2 Jun 01, 2016 · This book is dedicated to all conscious life, with special acknowledgement to that aspect of Life which many have come to regard as The Spirit of Greenwood Forest . They have a very long history with the earth. Although you came here at great risk of never remembering your Starseed mission, you again embarked in service, this time to Humanity on earth, knowing that you have done this many times before and succeeded. Sources tell us that these come from a faraway galaxy which are light years away but they Starseed Quests to arkansas! We have 3 Starseed Quests a year open to starseeds with at least one galactic marking, with the fourth Quest dedicated to our Starseed Quest Alumni. Everything has to clear… The starseed child looks more like the surrogate earth parent to ensure that they are accepted by that parent at birth. In the majority of cases the off-world parent is not of human origin as the human species is the least prolific in our universe. Therefore, if you experience these physical symptoms, you may be experiencing a sudden awakening. Oct 23, 2017 · The Starseed Mission Is Almost Complete Posted on 10/23/2017 by EraOfLight — Leave a reply Starseeds are beings who “heard the call” from Earth and the council that oversees Earth to come help a lower consciousness stop from destroying itself and all of it’s unique creations . Life Missions What is a starseed? Channeled Art & Music. A Starseed is a human who exists on earth in the present. I Am Starseed is an autobiographical journey of Xi Earthstar  Discover your starseed mission on Earth, as well as how to bring in your own starseed soul aspects, and abundance from whatever star systems we are  7 Jun 2016 During this time, many people identify themselves as lightworkers and believe that they are here on a mission to help change the world. I am in search of others that are staseeds . "Lyran starseeds are all about their mission here on Earth. on August 16, 2019. All that lies behind us, before forgiveness, is lower vibration thoughts, assumptions, projections and judgment (among other things) that keeps us in a lower state of consciousness individually and collectively. Our mission is to support “YOU”, Dear StarSeed, in awakening to your true self and your joyful Earth mission. Oct 02, 2018 · But, there is a bigger and more important reason that every starseed should know: Your Starseed Mission! Here’s the thing. 4 Apr 2019 All Starseeds are gifted with all that they require to help them achieve their mission and access their life purpose! However, because you are so  Starseeds Mission. These Starseeds hold a specific mission or contract to assist others to awaken, and many, when they come into their own power, may become great healers. Jul 13, 2019 · An individual who is a starseed thinks of himself to be alienated. If you can see thisyou came here to WAKE UP first. They enjoy their achievements, and appreciate the wisdom they learned to get there. This book is a must for anyone who wants to know if they are a Starseed, what's going on, and how to move through your inner changes and mission successfully. The Starseed Foundation does not currently accept uninvited grant requests. 27 Aug 2019 Understanding Your Starseed Mission will enhance your journey here on earth. Arcturus is a star located in the Bootes constellation. Jun 05, 2012 · Regardless of the actual mission of each star seed, and  25 Oct 2019 Starseeds and Lightworkers to Rise Higher Consciousness. Thus, first and foremost we are all here to LEARN and to SERVE the propagation of divine blueprints into forms. In a nutshell, when our entire lives have fallen apart, this book brings hope, understanding and the explanations why. By interpreting your natal chart I will help you to align your mind and soul, getting you in touch with your spirituality, gifts, true soul's desire for this lifetime and past life information. Types of Starseed Missions Here are 8 general types of Starseed missions on Earth: Lightworker / Healer Genetic Alchemist Teacher Gridworker Resonator Guardian of Species Imprinter of Water Acupuncture Needle Lightworker / Healer Starseed mission This is one of the most known missions. Having channeled for many people regarding this subject I have become aware how diverse Life Missions and star missions can be. Nov 18, 2019 · Starseed Types. Starseeds zijn hier met een missie. Starseeds originated in star systems like the I am jenny. Each of our circle of seers has different gifts to offer including specialization in Starseed readings and ET information, intuitive galactic astrology, clairvoyance, and solar return readings; attainment of Natural State, accessing Rites of Passage, to aid in mission accomplishment, soul readings; health readings, and channeling. Through the Tara portal, a starseed can re-experience our vibrational presence. You are sufferingly empathetic. My mission is to facilitate your shift to a higher consciousness and vibration. The Starseed Supply Co. As noted previously, in his mission, the starseed is here to raise the positive vibration and Light energies of Earth to enable her dimensional  5 Apr 2015 Greetings dear Starseeds of all Leagues and Nations currently embodied as human beings on planet Earth. com Starseeds/Star Seeds are beings that have experienced life elsewhere in the Universe on . Mission. The awakening is largely twofold: (a) The starseed realizes his identity (though unknown in many cases) and mission as a starseed. The Sirian mission on Earth is quite simple – they endeavour to bring about humanity’s ascension, to help us to achieve spiritual enlightenment and ascension as a species so that we may join the galactic fold, joining the multitude of other races in our galaxy who have already ascended. Mission, Philosophy & Approach. Some of them have come to this planet for their benefit or to support a darker mission. Do not worry that the mission is too difficult or the burden to heavy. Any information you receive from any and all communication or consultations with Starseed Alliance International, and/or via this website is for educational, spiritual, and inspirational purposes only and is not intended to, nor should it ever, take the place of any medical, legal, financial, psychological, or any other professional advice. Aug 30, 2018 · The mission comes first. Channeled Art by Agnes-Judith! Andromeda CD. This means putting aside all other priorities for the task at hand. In this episode, Jenna and Amber discuss  26 Dec 2010 10. 1,819 likes · 38 talking about this. The individual is an advanced being and has an unfathomable amount of wisdom that exists within their core. As they grow up, they will start believing they have a mission to fulfill, even though they may never find out what that mission is. You can read people’s emotions without even speaking to them. No matter where you are at on the Starseed journey, this activation will help you level up so you can show up more vibrantly on your mission! Get the activation here. Sep 29, 2019 · What is a Starseed? Starseeds are advanced beings that originate from far-distant stars and galaxies, whose mission is to assist earth into the Golden Age. You feel that you are from other worlds. starseed mission clearing, consultation and activation You are a multidimensional being who came into this physical realm with a mission - a specific set of goals and objectives that you chose to discover, activate, and complete during your lifetime as a human. The starseed child looks more like the surrogate earth parent to ensure that they are accepted by that parent at birth. Starseeds originate from many different higher or alternate dimensional planes, parallel universes, star systems, planets, galaxies, and planes of existence. Hai voglia di ricordare altre vite, in altri luoghi? Questo è il posto giusto per te. Clear any blocks to fulfilling your mission; We are also here because we know that when even one Starseed awakens to their gifts, the effect of the healing ripples through all space and time and through all of consciousness. Starseeds provide the missing link in closing the loop between the Galactic  Revealing Your Starseed Mission; Preliminary Soul Origins; Life Purpose Assessments​; Celestial Channeled Messages; Galactic Messages and/or Light   21 Oct 2017 Starseeds are beings who “heard the call” from Earth and the council that oversees Earth to come help a lower consciousness stop from  With the recent acquisition of Starseed Medicinal Inc. Last year 2012 was a code – a time of completion. Allow me to identify myself, so you  14 Nov 2016 Both feel as if they were born with mission statements encoded in their DNA. Je kan er vanuit gaan dat de meeste starseeds hier zijn gekomen om de aarde en de mensheid te   Starseed Is a person who is spiritually aware, having a strong connection to the is actually a human-ET hybrid who has a mission on earth to help raise the  Starseed is an earth-based spiritual healing sanctuary and holistic retreat the mission for the next 30 years, offering programs and caring for the 150 acres,  Vril/Pleiadian contactee "Ray" visited with hosts Larry Locken and Michelle Walling about his awakening to his starseed mission at this time. Aug 16, 2019 · Thank you to every single person who showed up today, subscribed (it's been helping with the algorithms), and a very special thank you to everyone who donated. Check out our starseed selection for the very best in unique or custom, Accurate Tarot Reading for Starseed Spiritual Guidance, Outcome of Mission on Earth. 7. Aug 08, 2019 · It is after the awakening that a Starseed moves to a period of his life in which he tries to fulfill his spiritual mission on Earth. Jun 16, 2015 · Andromeda starseed will need trust and faith in self to allow them to work on self andromeda starseed love and confidence, when these areas are developed, the inner freedom they seek and spiritual connectedness will be found within where it always has been the whole time. Doesn’t matter which modalities are used, this […] The Sirian Starseed Mission. Starseeds are highly evolved souls whose soul origin is from the stars or the higher dimensional realms of existence. I don’t know how to call this fifth category. If you would like a copy of this document with pictures, please email me. You are harmonious. Many of us work with past, present and Recently I'd came across Facebook and saw some Starseed still basking over conspiracy theories regarding the government and agendas. Paul McCarthy Info on Paul . You are a technophile. Jan 24, 2018 · Here are some signs you are a Pleiadian/Lyran Elven soul here on earth today to act out this role of helping bring humanity into a new freedom: You resonate DEEPLY with Tolkien's High Elves, Romantic Era Nymphs, Greek Muses, Norse Mythology "gods & goddesses". I learned of it about 7 years ago. twin flame characteristics One of the twin flame characteristics is the so called magnetic attraction referred to as love at first sight. Everything you do as a Traveler should somehow further the mission’s objective. All told, when a Starseed shines, not only does Mother Gaia benefit - the whole Universe benefits. youtube. Some take months and others years, especially for those who have multiple starseed orgins. Traits of the Lyran Starseed Lyra and Vega are in the same vicinity but do have very different traits, as well as some similar ones. 4. You are missing the awareness of time. You have the same ability as the beings from your home world. These Mar 27, 2019 · If throughout your whole life you have felt as if you were born with a purpose or a mission to fulfill, and long to improve humanity – this is a clear sign that you are a starseed. Starseed Test Starseeds are usually characterized as sensitive, intuitive, knowing and often have difficulty fitting in. Starseeds are highly evolved souls that were sent to Earth to help bring about new knowledge and wisdom in order to help raise the consciousness […] Nov 04, 2018 · Are you a Starseed, Empath, Lightworker, or Indigo? November 4, 2018 Since the last few decades a large number of beings from other galaxies have taken birth on Earth in order to participate with the Earth’s Ascension, and to play a major role in bringing about the Golden Age on Earth. cosmic ascension planet earth surrounded in light A majority of starseeds are assigned here, or  Activating the Starseed Global Mission". There are some starseed present here on earth whose origins lie with Arcturus or have had past life times there. I asked my guides in that moment of pure feeling, to show me a shooting  13 Feb 2015 According to Paul McCarthy on SiriusAscension. Difference between Starseed and Older starseed volunteers were placed in education and social services, hospitals and charity support groups, their mission to ease the transition of high frequency rainbows and indigos into the matrix and try and protect them from the worst of systems counterattack. And I am a starseed awakened and my memories and tge 144,000 mission came to me as I received a message from the spirit world on my cell phone which stated 444 and they dietheyd a few years ago and are in heaven. Whether you believe in Starseeds or not, they are here to shine a light on humanity and are powerful beings that want to propel us to the Golden Age Sep 19, 2017 · And yet, you have known you are supposed to be here. But as a general rule, the average Starseed is here is help raise the consciousness of the planet. Feb 13, 2015 · What are Starseeds…and My Starseed Mission According to Paul McCarthy on SiriusAscension. During this time, many people identify themselves as lightworkers and believe that Sometimes a starseed soul may incarnate with the purpose of helping a certain other incarnated soul on their way, being a guide for this one person. Image result for dove flying gif The Peace Emissaries 444. Twin Flame means the other half of a soul. Starseeds are souls that first incarnated somewhere beyond this planet - many have a sort of 'knowing' from a young age. The Lightworker is a healer. This category of starseeds tends often not to be aware that they are already fulfilling their mission by helping this one person. Jul 21, 2015 · There are many signs of twin flame characteristics, however sometimes we don't realize the signs and synchronicities that take place during the meeting of your twin. They have a pivotal role to play in human evolution and the spiritual awakening of humanity. Starseed Alliance International was co-founded by Standswithbear & Lightstar. You are an outsider. Yet, until Sirius is probably the most important star when it comes to humanity's future as we head further towards the Sirian culture ourselves. We thank all who do this, in humility, with grace and in deep gratitude. And if you really relate to these experiences, you may have just arrived here very recently Starseed Is a person who is spiritually aware, having a strong connection to the divine creator. Sep 14, 2016 · Souls from Andromeda have to keep moving and traveling. Today, the Tara meeting point hosts a direct link to the Pleiadian family field, a vibrational field accessible to every Pleiadian starseed on Earth. Delete Starseed Mission Because their task is the most difficult one to perform in a very dense dimension such as ours, starseeds were hand-picked from our galaxy and beyond. Nov 14, 2019 · Cheri Hello beautiful family of light! Huge progress is being made and I thank each and every one of us for clearing cellular resonance with the lower vibrations and anchoring the light within. It is the Lyran Council. This is exactly what the Starseed matrix was designed to do. in: Kindle Store. A Starseed is a person on earth who has deep connections to the stars and galaxies. August 16, 2019 by Phil Good. The reason Earth is so very crucial is complex, but I will explain it as simply as I can in a moment. What have you agreed to come to Earth to do? Connect with your starseed guides and ask them about it, explore your past life memories, and make a list of what your inborn strengths are. 6 light years away from Earth. I love and appreciate you! Website May 21, 2016 · Would you like to know which starseed markings you have in your birth chart? Click here for my eBook that describes starseed markings for 12 stars and star systems! Arcturian starseeds tend to have a few traits in common with actual Arcturian beings even though they are incarnated on Earth. 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Their energy is very confident, but not proud. Pleiadian spirit guides are here to connect with humans and aid them into living with an open heart chakra. 2. there may even be a "cosmic karmic tie" between the two individuals. Find it out here! Feb 27, 2020 · You have done this same mission before on other planets. Magenta Pixie moves through an analysis of the recent transmission “Krystalline Samhain 11-11 Stargate, November 11th 2019”. Many starseed arrived early on - around 20,000yrs ago - Late Lemuria and mid-late Atlantis - some in Sumeria - when the earthgrids collapsed they became involuntarily stuck on the planet (like planes stuck at an airport due to bad weather - except in this case lasting 20,000yrs) - they might have been 15ft tall with elongated skulls - many of them may have went to the Arctic, Tibet, others may Disclosures in the Show ‘Travelers’ (Starseed Mission) 02/13/2018 By Stillness in the Storm Leave a Comment ( TruthEarth ) In my research so far I have found very few shows which depict the specific subject of the ‘Starseed Mission’ so accurately than in this show called ‘Travelers’. The knowledge of what your StarSeed Mission is, is shared with you starting in the free Mission Download course you receive when you sign up for the blog posts. Mission, Philosophy & Approach-The Starseed Mission. Starseed are highly evolved souls with an unfathomable amount of wisdom hibernating in their core. When you feel that longing for an unknown home, just look to sky, your home is out there, focus your energy out to the universe, reaching out for the feeling of home. The Natal Chart (or Birth Chart) is an astrological chart that is drawn from the exact time, date and location of your birth. There is often a little confusion as to who one is, why (s)he is here, what is the next step, etc. Apr 19, 2019 · Lisa Renee – Many of us that are on the Ascension path, or have awakened to remember ourselves as a Starseed, have come to the earth during the Ascension Cycle to actualize our unique blueprint and mission, attempting to embody the highest template of Christos Consciousness possible, and to help support the mass planetary awakening. So we’ll have to define both to explain. Starseeds of this mission are here to assist in dismantling the dysfunctionality of this world’s economic structure. However, while a Starseed is definitely “ human ” by birth and DNA, their soul origins lie outside of the earth plane. Grant Requests. Heaven on Earth Retreat. Dec 26, 2010 · 7. The first inkling you may have that you might be a Starseed is that you don't belong here. Work on finding out what your starseed mission is. You inherently know what to do and when to Nov 14, 2019 · All Starseeds are Lightworkers as they share a common mission of spreading the light but not all Lightworkers are Starseeds. Starseeds – Welcome to Planet Earth The term starseed as used here means a human body with an extraterrestrial soul – normally intentionally incarnated here on a mission to help raise consciousness, and in the current times especially to help humanity through its current and difficult metamorphosis. Regardless of how exotic, not every soul has intentions based on light and love. As these areas are developed, the connection between self and God/Source Do you sometimes feel like you came from another planet? It may seem like a far-off concept, but Starseeds are actually souls that have originated from different stars, planets, solar systems or galaxies. So rise, Starseeds, and let the collective conscious manifestation and collaboration for global peace and harmony begin! NOW is the time!! 5. Starseed Regression. com/watch?v=1hNIJim1x98 Phil's  3 Mar 2019 I wasn't aligning to my starseed mission, and I felt totally alone in it all. A Traveler must be dedicated to the mission, and it must be the most important thing to them. This tends to be part of the starseed mission for incarnating on earth. To assist you in living an extraordinary life! To guide and mentor, as you remember and re-awaken to your StarSeed origins. Serve the world by being you. Note that it is not always necessary to know one’s exact origins in order to fulfill his mission here on Earth. Paul's Book. While most Starseeds appear to have come to Earth to teach and heal its citizens, not all Starseeds are intent on helping us evolve. A starseed is an individual whose soul has incarnated on other planets, in other solar systems or other dimensions who is now living a human existence on Earth. You are spiritually oriented but you are against religion. Starseed Foundation seeks to provide opportunities and exposure to the arts and environment, to improve the quality of life for those in need, and support social programs that offer cultural and lasting benefit to deserving populations. As a Starseed Ambassador and Master Healer, Standswithbear provides targeted sessions to support brother and sister starseeds who have vital missions to  This planet cannot survive without the Divine Intervention decreed by our Creator . If you’re a Starseed, you have an inkling that you have connections off planet. Why do you exist? What is your mission? Why are you here? What is the meaning of life? Everyone has felt these   28 Feb 2020 I Am Starseed book. May 21, 2016 · The Pleiadian Mission Pleiadians have agreed to assist with human spiritual evolution through operating as spirit guides and as starseeds. In my Akashic Record Reading practice, I receive many clients who turn out to be Mission Realmers. Supporting your mission on Earth! JOIN STARSEED®! Hi! Subscribe to our newsletter for contests, recipes, news about our work in the Amazon, and for exclusive offers! Join our mission to Fuel your Health, and defend the Amazon! The Starseed Oracle is a breathtaking 53-card oracle deck for starseeds, empaths, lightworkers and seekers. . They are artists in the use of plastic currency, unlimited credit, and the knowledge of finance. 8. Right now I wish you to understand that this is a truly crucial mission of literally galactic importance! I cannot imagine a way in which you might give a greater service than a Starseed contract upon planet Earth at this particular juncture. Sirius is the brightest star in our sky and is a multi-star system, i. Every starseed and the same applies for lightworkers who have been here for a while. Also be sure and join our email list which is located in the footer of any web page. The birth name given to Nikki Starseed translates directly into the Mission she had chosen to Incarnate for. The three sound-wave-tone parts when merged into internal energetic balance become d The Starseed’s natural impulse to heal others also leads them to waste much of their time outside their own consciousness, which distracts them from their own mission. What about you? Starseed Self Activation Process For those who know they are starseeds, this is a ONE TIME ONLY activation process. Discover and attune to the Light Codes you carry as they are the language of your Soul. Your soul purpose to be of service in love, light and truth for Earth. Jane, Pleaidian Starseed, Arcturian Lineage, Lemurian Priestess, Atlantean Priestess Maria Sophia of violet flame in Sisterhood of the Rose Disclaimer I did not come to this topic with a particular interest in ETs or UFOs, etc. Experience renewed energy, light, and inspiration for life! Connect with your inner-knowing, activate your spiritual gifts, and receive clarity about your starseed mission. At this time, a lot of starseeds are not activated. Feb 04, 2019 · Lightworkers, Starseeds, Twinflames: Are you ready? Channeled 4 Feb 2019 Dear child, We connect. For Typical Starseeds, Earth is a place of service. Wherever you go, you have a sneaking suspicion that you will never fit in. Few beings would volunteer to do such work at the risk of forgetting who they are and losing their connection with their divine Higher Selves. Starseed souls have incarnated to Earth for specific missions. I host a weekly meditation group called Transitions. raising their own personal vibration and the vibrations of other people I do personalized spiritual and creative healing work based on my experience as a starseed from the Antares system. The first inkling you may have that you might be a Starseed  Starseed Mission: Assistance in the Ascension Process on Earth. Each of us has been preparing for this time for many lifetimes. I offer an original modality of energy work I call Higher Self Integration. A Starseed Activation session assists you as a specific set of healings are carried out on your energy body. Starseed is an advance being from a distance star incarnated on Earth. Our mission is to facilitate the process of awakening to being fully conscious human beings by offering a supportive, nurturing environment of Sanctuary and assisting people to deepen their relationship with Spirit and return to wholeness. You were born after 1968. Life Missions / Starseed Missions . To be conscious, a starseed must awaken to his mission. All starseeds have incarnated now with specific missions that they themselves chose prior to incarnating. The starseed awakening process can be gentle and happen gradually as one walks a spiritual path of self exploration, or it can be very dramatic and abrupt, sometimes occuring during a major transitional phase of their life. The StarSeed Mission: I recently had a client reach out to me. Are You One of These Starseed Types? There are many signs that indicate a starseed and you can take a little starseed test to find out if you are one. Ultimately, what this means, is that while you cannot learn how to find your starseed markings, you can often recognize or identify starseeds by their gifts. The Starseed Mission of Heaven on Earth $ 0. As you become more aware in your StarSeed life, you can explore your StarSeed heritage with a Harmonic Translation Scan, a tool you can use to discover your StarSeed Origins. What are your gifts? One of mine is my gift of words. Lyran beings often see other people’s potential. They are interested in space travel and astronomy or science fiction. Our MEGA movement mission is: “Manifesting Earth’s Galactic Ascension” Starseed MEGA operates as a non-profit organization. The Coming Attraction. Though you have navigated a social setting with ease, deep down you know that you are not from any culture or place on Earth. The Purpose of the Earth Family in a Starseed’s Mission June 26, 2011 April 8, 2020 It is not unusual to choose topics based on sessions and this week is not exception. From now on, however, starseeds birthing into the world will begin to come in with more recall of who they really are. So you have chosen to stay and to carry on, wherever life might take you. Maybe you’ve never heard of the term “Starseed”. more than one sun. Most people who identify as Starseeds also share the belief that they have not only lived on other planets before, but that their genes also possess extraterrestrially encoded DNA that influence their psyches in specific Aug 18, 2014 · Amanda Linette Meder When I was first starting my journey, one of my favorite Reiki teachers pulled me aside and told me that I was a Starseed. You have a mission of some sort to accomplish. Jun 07, 2016 · What does it mean to be a starseed or lightworker, and what is the core mission? A shift is taking place. This is because there is a subtle difference between Lightworkers and Starseeds, which has to do with the soul’s origin, their core mission, and the foundations of their knowledge. The Starseed Mission Is Almost Complete! Filed in OTHER STARSEED INFO by michelle on October 21, 2017 By Michelle Walling, CHLC Editor, Howtoexitthematrix. Saving humanity is part of it. Building alliances with global multi-dimensional starseed's is SAI's primary mission, with future plans to host multiple Starseed Alliance Conferences both locally and internationally. When a Starseed is called upon to gather in "unison of Mar 16, 2016 · Related: What Is A Starseed? Could You Be From The Stars? Starseeds have much work to do on Earth – Starseed Mission. Not only heart-centered, Andromedan beings are also  10. What is the Starseed mission? There is one “mission” for all living beings – to evolve, to comprehend, to create, to serve the God Source. At that time, I had no idea what that meant or what she was talking about, but from that point forward, I was a little bit obsessed with finding out. , a medical-centric licensed holder with operations in Bowmanville, Ontario, WeedMD has expanded its  Starseeds, Lightworkers and Soul Travelers are here on a mission to heal and awaken and help raise this planet's vibration! Highly creative, self-motivated  RH Negative blood sourced from the Stars, as such they may be called Starseed people. As a Planetary Gridworker there are a variety of possible tasks and jobs that may be presented during phases of the Starseed mission that are relative to the current planetary crisis or issues that are directly impacting the earth body and collective consciousness, at any given time. Do you feel homesick, alone, and different from the rest? Then you might be one of them. In a more practical sense it is about what we can do to assist with this change and accelerate this planet. Listen to this Lyran Starseed Transmission recorded by Steve Ahnael Nobel in London (September 2016). Their energies are necessary to help anchor love and light to Mother Earth. Your planet and her inhabitants need you to step into your personal power so you can begin your Starseed mission. Ray is aware th. For the Starseeds and Blue Rays. Apr 03, 2019 · However, in the Bible we can read about 144,000 souls that were sent here some 8 million years ago to remain over many lifetimes performing a divine mission. These particular starseeds will be of the Indigo nature. Lyran starseeds are all about their mission here on Earth. There is an integration of specific light codes which assist your specific mission, clearing psychic debris, unconscious and unhelpful thought patterns are released which have been causing some of those energetic restraints you have been A starseed witch is an individual who considers themselves a starseed AND a witch. Meet your star family and the vibrational frequency of your starseed origin Feel more embodied, grounded, comfortable on Earth. If we can remember this Truth the process becomes a mission of joy and understanding, rather than being difficult and a battle. Aug 16, 2019 · The Starseed Mission. No two starseed healings are ever the same. 16 Jan 2020 planet's evolution to fulfill a divine mission and bring positive change to the world. I offer my deep thanks to those gentle trees whose snowladen branches bowed protectively across the road through our wood, providing the author with eleven Feb 12, 2020 · These preparation lifetimes were also key in the development of the soul’s mission, leading to its ultimate actualization in the present lifetime. You as a starseed carry signature DNA from your home world, which is merged with human DNA so you can survive on Earth. Many have the feeling that time’s running out and there’s something they came here to do, create, or contribute. Starseed Contracts If you suspect that you are an Indigo or starseed, then it is your duty to determine your specific Mission Contract(s) with the help of mission guide so that you can serve your position throughout the remaining days of the transition and then continue assisting those who are moving forward to set up the foundations of the The Lyran Starseed Transmission: Clearing Ancestral Star Patterns/Preparing for the 5D Shift. This movement has been built by a cosmically aligned trio of way-showers on a quest to lift humanity onto the path of self liberation. Lightworker Starseeds are mission- and purpose- oriented. The mission of helping humanity is at an all- time  The Sirian starseed mission. Lyran starseed. Nothing is more important than this as it is the starseed mission and it is all happening within. The Starseed Mission August 16, 2019 by Phil Good Phil Below is a brief summary to introduce you to the Mission of Light. com Starseeds are beings who “heard the call” from Earth and the council that oversees Earth to come help a lower consciousness stop from destroying itself and all of it’s unique creations. Feb 11, 2020 · Other times, because humans just don’t live very long, to fulfill a mission a starseed must live out many lifetimes’ worth of work. So a Twin Flame is the result. They one in the same in the sense that we want to brighten up this planet through bringing more information/light to earth and to those around us. For example, if we were to believe the bible's origins of mankind and assume that we came from Adam and Eve, then that assumption wouldn't explain the genetic differences in our population. sells original clothing and accessories for Starseeds, dreamers, truth seekers, and sovereign souls. As noted previously, in his mission, the starseed is here to raise the positive vibration and Light energies of Earth to enable her dimensional shift, an elevation   Living on earth as a human can be quite traumatic and leave starseeds feeling different and from another planet. They have lived many lifetimes as a Star Being, a Pleiadian, Andromedan, or any other of the Star Being races. 2019-01-03 | Eric Raines. Jan 18, 2018 · Yes, many a lightworker and starseed are the black sheep of society. The Starseed Mission. Jan 31, 2017 · Understanding the Starseed DNA Each star nation has its unique abilities that are natural and particular to their own kind. Founded by designer and author Jeff Finley. Pisces (February 19-March 20) The mission for each Starseed will be specific to their particular race, skillset, and lines of dramatic karma that have been created between them the Earth’s sentience. Apr 22, 2020 · As StarSeed, those of you who answered the clarion call, which ultimately placed you in a physical body on Earth at this time, were taken to a star system in a galaxy that is composed of pure Amethyst Crystalline Energy of the VIOLET FLAME. This is often to impart their wisdom or to heal through the retained powers from previous incarnations. Andromedan seek to give control and power back to individuals that may have lost it. this maybe helpful for you. The older your soul, the more of these races you will identify with. Around the world people are realizing that previous paradigms are not working and we must change our way of living in order to survive. Many of us that are on the Ascension path, or have awakened to remember ourselves as a Starseed, have come to the earth during the Ascension Cycle to actualize our unique blueprint and mission, attempting to embody the highest template of Christos Consciousness possible, and to help support the mass planetary awakening. End. If something inside is telling that you are a Starseed, then you 100% share “Indigo”, “Crystal” or “Rainbow” mission depends on which year you were born in this life time. The current terms “Light Worker,” “Starseed,” are now popular in the spiritual community. A starseed person has the aim and mission to assist Earth into the Golden Age. This was the first key that would lead her to her Destiny through the very definitions of the names that literally mean “Vi ctory Peace Light Tribe”. The Star Code $ 333. Disclosures in the Show ‘Travelers’ (Starseed Mission) Posted on February 9, 2018 by truthearth In my research so far I have found very few shows which depict the specific subject of the ‘Starseed Mission’ so accurately than in this show called ‘Travelers’. The StarSeed SCAN does reveal both retrograde density level and basic Mission as well as star system origin. What are Starseeds? A Starseed is a starborn mortal, a human being with alien DNA. Their focus is empowerment. This book is a preface to my upcoming self-healing + activation manual Advanced Lightwork: Medicine for the Great Sickness, as a fun way to share with my community the multidimensionality of our starseed mission on Earth through the perspective of a galactic anthropologist. Cosmic babes & starseeds are wiser, more sensitive, & less  26 Jun 2011 The Purpose of the Earth Family in a Starseed's Mission. If you relate to any of these things, just know it is likely you are a Starseed. SO WHAT? We came here to fulfill our mission. Cosmic babes & starseeds are wiser, more sensitive, & less  16 Aug 2019 The Starseed Mission August 16, 2019 by Phil Good Phil's Original Video is here: https://www. Just a few examples of The starseed’s mission here on Earth is not always clear. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. You remembered your divine nature. HOW DO I KNOW IF I AM A STARSEED? Starseeds experience a total amnesia as to their true identities, however, each is encoded with an activation switch. When a starseed fails to awaken, this is okay but is usually seen as a wasted life or a mission incomplete. A star seed soul who has had at least a 1,000 life times is an original starseed. Dec 01, 2019 · New World Order, Deep State Agenda and the Starseed Mission (Krystal Stargate Series, Part 10) Krystal Stargate Series, Part 10. Starseeds are said to be old soul sent back to earth to transform the world into the heaven on earth predicted after the end of times. One of their worlds, called Sirius B, is a water planet that contains dolphins, whales and merpeople. Jan 16, 2020 · At some point, the Starseeds choose to incarnate on Earth to share their light, knowledge and participate in the planet's evolution to fulfill a divine mission and bring positive change to the world. e. The awakening process is always a journey, and no one journey is the same. Note that Sananda is Jesus the Christ, an Ascended Master! Light Workers, Starseeds, Ascended Masters, Arch Angels, and Star Beings of Light are here to assist mankind. ) (The “power” inherent in tools is a separate article, but for the sake of clarity see this article about MORPHIC FIELDS ) Apr 05, 2015 · And now is the time. The term starseed has gained a ton of popularity recently in the New Age/spiritual community online and while I’m glad we are now having these multi-dimensional discussions on a wider scale it’s also important to keep a discerning eye. Be not afraid StarSeed… Embrace your StarSeed nature. We are not here to against human, but to save them from all the ignorance and stupidit Oct 29, 2018 · The following was originally posted on April 15, 2016, on my previous website: www. they are one of the more peaceful, positive soul types in Starseed Soul Types, and have a great agenda within their council, to make sure peace is held all over, celestially too. When starseeds find other starseeds there may be an instant connection or resonance. 00; 12/29/2020 08:00 AM; Location: To Be Announced May 01, 2013 · The starseed’s mission here on Earth is not always clear. The mission has been ongoing for quite a while now, and most identify with more than one system. Jan 24, 2018 · Intuitively speaking and through all the information I have gathered about the Elves, and other star beings that are within the Human collective now, here is the story on the Pleiadian Starseed Elves: I said this before in a few of my videos about us all having individual souls as well as Collective ones. Oct 21, 2017 · The Starseed Mission Is Almost Complete! Filed in Articles by Michelle Walling , Cosmic Starseeds by MichelleWalling on October 21, 2017 By Michelle Walling, CHLC As the starseed begins to awaken to their purpose and earthly mission these feelings of isolation may start to diminish. Of the 144K souls, 72K souls are Twin Flames to the other 72K, making the chosen 144K. This video  16 Aug 2019 Thank you to every single person who showed up today, subscribed (it's been helping with the algorithms), and a very special thank you to  16 Jan 2018 Starseeds are beings who “heard the call” from Earth and the council that oversees Earth to come help a lower consciousness stop from  These beautiful beings have one mission: to bring peace and love to the races enslaved by the Reptilians. com Starseeds/Star Seeds are beings that have experienced life elsewhere in the Universe on other planets and in non-physical dimensions other than on Earth. Today's thought experiment, challenge and question is about forgiveness. Completing the mission is the only task that really matters. They are here to guide, and teach the humanity under different courses. WindandAllison. They instinctively know there is more to life than what has been previously circulated. Feb 16, 2020 · Their main mission is to spread peace and love, especially to those that have been at the mercy of the Reptilian Starseeds. Starseeds: Angelic Realm This is the fourth installment of the Starseeds series. by Higher Self. The mission of Rainbow Children is to heal and re-balance the distorted energies of humanity and the Planet. Links Contact . The area around Hot Springs and Mount Ida, Arkansas has the highest quality crystals on the planet, which is why the Atlanteans preferred them. starseed mission

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